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  • Eid ul Fitr Mens wearing

    All things Men

    Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated in the blistering heat of summer. Thus,for men, when choosing your outfit, let us make sure you don’t exclude either comfort or style when you can have both with a brand as well-known as Menz Klub.
  • ANIKINI humaira khan

    ANIKINI by Humaira Khan

    Many may ponder how a clothing brand can be a way to fight discrimination. On the completion of her 30 years in the fashion industry, Humaira Khan decided that it was about time she took a step towards improving some of the negative outlook that exists in our society — body shaming.
  • Day Care Play Zone

    The Little Ducklings Day care, preschool, and play zone

    Parents nowadays have to worry about a lot, but most common is the issue of having someone to care for the child, especially during office hours, p articularly if both parents are working. Fortunately, that support can be in the form of a beautiful social venture known as ‘The Little Ducklings – Day Care, Preschool and Play Zone,’ launched in January, 2019.
  • A serene spot amidst city chaos: Samadi Yoga Studio

    How do we satiate a soul that is tired of city iving? Samadi Yoga Studio — a dedicated yoga place, that opened its doors on 5 April, 2019 in Gulshan, Dhaka, might be the perfect answer.
  • Block printing – an artistic legacy

    Indeed, it has been many years since that time. The technique has well diffused into Eurasian countries, and has since then thrived in the textile industry of Bangladesh.