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  • Md Abbas

    Trainee Reporter, Print/Digital, The Daily Star

  • Kamal Lohani

    Adieu comrade Kamal Lohani

    As we are living in the age of digitization, activism to bring about a change often remains confined in the virtual world but back in the 1950s, activism meant raising your voice and your hand in the air -- rendering powerful slogans and songs against injustice and unjust establishment. Kamal Lohani was a perfect example of that take-to-the-streets activism.
  • A Silent Warrior: Tribute to Professor Muzibur Rahman Debdas

    In 2007, Professor Muzibur Rahman Debdas returned to the spotlight when Liberation War Museum trustee and researcher Mofidul Hoque made a documentary on him titled "Kan Pete Roi” (The Sound of Silence). The documentary expertly presented the lone and long struggle of Prof Debdas, a Liberation War hero.
  • Cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh

    Double blow for Bangladesh: Strongest storm ever recorded in Bay of Bengal amid a pandemic

    When Bangladesh is struggling to fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, another catastrophe is heading towards the country’s coastal areas in the form of super cyclone Amphan, bringing a double blow to the impoverished people as well as the economy of the nation.
  • Cox’s Bazar Chhatra Union serving free meals to 200 homeless people per day

    A group of youths under the banner of Bangladesh Chhatra Union of Cox’s Bazar district have come forward to provide free iftar and sehri to around 200 homeless people per day.
  • CU student sells photographs to help indigenous community in need

    Dharmaraj Tanchangya, moved by the state of some indigenous communities hit-hard by the coronavirus outbreak, put up some of his photograph for sale on his Facebook account.