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  • Manda Masjid: 6-century old inscription remains, structure doesn’t

    From the Sultanate period, Dhaka witnessed many mosques built on its land, and that tradition was continued with utmost conviction -- to make the city full of places to pray -- throughout the Mughal era. They were definitely successful as Dhaka is commonly known as a “city of mosques”.
  • Risky trips thru’ rivers

    Frequent movement of unauthorised vessels, hidden islands and narrow channel have made around 50 kilometres of Dhaka-Barishal naval route extremely risky.
  • A heritage past its welcome?

    Dhaka, like any 400-year-old city would, has gone through a metamorphosis over the course of its illustrious and fascinating history, as have the lives of its inhabitants.
  • CMC aims to make antivenom locally

    CMC aims to make antivenom locally

    A research team, for the first time in Bangladesh, is studying native snake species aim-ing at mass-scale production of effective antivenom for local patients.
  • Little to show for a costly project

    A footpath renovated under the supervision of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), that brought months of suffering to locals, is falling apart within weeks of being completed.