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  • Be an Ambassador!

    One thing that this generation has been blessed with is the plethora of endless opportunities! And campus ambassador programs

    Whilst many of us are aware of the term itself, most of us are not educated sufficiently. Menstruation is basically the discharge of blood, uterine lining, mucus lining of the vagina, red blood cells, and old cellular tissue.
  • Stranger Things Season 3: Older and bolder

    Even after two straight homeruns in previous seasons, my heart was beating real fast as I logged into my Netflix account,
  • A cricket lover among football fans

    The struggle of being a cricket fan in this country is real. Whether it’s a nail-biting, heart-pounding finish that ends in Bangladesh’s victory or woeful defeat, the matches never shy away from playing with our emotions. And God forbid the amount of times we have
  • Surviving your professors

    Here’s the deal- surviving through four years of your university life is pretty hard! And God have mercy on you if you are studying in some university with session jams. Nonetheless, things can get pretty ugly in the course of your academic life if luck doesn’t favour you.