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  • Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury

  • Aspire to Inspire — six successful ladies breaking down invisible barriers

    The human mind is such that we always dream of a world where gender equality simply exists. We sing about it, build stories around it, and yet somehow, we are nowhere close to our considerations.
  • Saving craftsmanship, and the wedding industry

    Rahman Mia (not his real name) had been supplying flowers to the various event companies of Dhaka for the last 5 years. The business had been so robust that he bought himself a piece of land in Sadullapur, Savar.
  • Movers and shakers to lookout for in 2021

    “It was only by chance that I stumbled upon the story of No Dorai,” says Mahboob Rahman. And he is not exaggerating when making the claim, because Rahman only heard about Nasima Akhter, the original inspiration behind the protagonist, while visiting the beaches one fine day.
  • Gender Diverse Bridal Campaign by Zainah Habib

    The inequality existent in our nation, in respect to gender identity, diversity and recognition, bothered Zainah Habib greatly. After completion of her studies, Habib finally decided to do something about it.
  • Aspire to Inspire by KrayonMag

    To an idealist, this decision, would entirely be a personal preference; a choice that any grown-woman or man could make whenever they wanted; unfortunately reality seems to be quite the contrast for Rahman.