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  • Beneath starry nights and OPEN SKIES

    Reading up to this part, you must be wondering that such weddings are only meant for the rich and the famous. Well, I shall disagree.
  • Jamdani Festival 2019 The way forward

    LS: In the case of Jamdani, why are primitive designs so important. Aren’t the contemporary motifs worth an effort? Is the history associated with Jamdani almost lost with time?
  • One fine day at Jamal Ahmed’s

    Recognised for his unflinching approach to art, Jamal Uddin Ahmed is revered for his projections into realism, with detailed paintings on the stray life of the gypsies, their longing pain, amusements and yearning, this mere mortal of a man, has almost reached the pinnacle of his creative skill.
  • Microwave to your rescue

    Eid is almost knocking on the doors and here we are, still scrambling through recipe books to perfect the food spread for the special days.
  • Wash away the grit and grime

    Nobody can deny that washing machines are an integral part of our lives today. Without these wonderful machines, we’d have to spend countless hours every day to wash the laundry. And that would certainly mean less time for our personal selves and sanity.