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  • Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

    Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

    Multimedia journalist with nearly 10 years’ experience in mainstream media in Bangladesh with a background in investigative journalism and environmental, political and human rights reporting.

  • Dead body

    Deaths from Covid: 80pc of the victims had comorbidity

    Around 80 percent of the Covid-19 patients who died had comorbidity, finds a government study.
  • Human Rights Watch Logo

    Violence Against Women: Systemic flaws to blame: HRW

    A Human Rights Watch report, scheduled to be published today, blamed lack of accountability in enforcing laws and systemic flaws for Bangladesh’s failure to protect women who have suffered violence.
  • Bills paid sans work

    The payment disbursed but the work not done -- this appears to have become a common practice at the IEM unit of DGFP.
  • Breathing in poison

    Air pollution led to 1,73,500 deaths in Bangladesh last year, says a global report as experts find the country’s air becoming increasingly poisonous in the absence of effective measures to control the release of pollutants.
  • Cattle rearing takes off in Bhasan Char

    Cattle rearing is thriving as an important economic activity in Bhasan Char, an off-shore island where the government wants to relocate one lakh Rohingyas from different refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.