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  • Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

    Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

    Multimedia journalist with nearly 10 years’ experience in mainstream media in Bangladesh with a background in investigative journalism and environmental, political and human rights reporting.

  • India to fence entire border

    Bangladesh has no objection to India’s plan to fence the entire border between the two countries if it is done following due procedure, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said yesterday.
  • dengue fever in bangladesh

    Govt focus now on hospitals outside Dhaka

    The government has taken a number of initiatives to ensure medical services for dengue patients. The measures include setting up helpdesks in all government and private hospitals and logistical support to all district and upazila hospitals.
  • Aedes sources need to be wiped out

    The source eradication is the key to eliminating Aedes mosquitoes as well as checking Dengue outbreak and for this participation of mass people is necessary alongside the government efforts, experts say.
  • aedes mosquito

    Adult Aedes: Capital sees 14-fold rise compared to pre-monsoon

    The adult female Aedes mosquito population in the capital is now around 14 times higher than it was in the pre-monsoon period, a government survey has found.
  • Big cats in Sundarbans: Male tigers at greater risk

    With the intervention of humans, be it poaching or destruction of habitat, Bengal Tigers are now facing a new threat in the form of a dwindling male population.