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  • Bangladesh Yaba Godfather

    More yaba godfathers, dealers to surrender

    Police are making preparations for a second surrender programme of yaba godfathers and dealers in Cox’s Bazar.
  • Yaba Pills

    Teknaf Yaba Godfathers: Assets being sold to avert confiscation

    As law enforcers are looking into the properties of 102 yaba godfathers and dealers who have surrendered, their families and paid agents are trying to sell off the assets fearing those would be confiscated.
  • Cox's Bazar forest in danger

    Cox’s Bazar forests in grave danger

    The critical biodiversity areas in Cox’s Bazar -- Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary, Himchhari National Park and Inani National Park -- face a grave risk of peril due to high level of human interventions following the Rohingya influx, according to two recent studies.
  • Yaba Pills

    Yaba Trade in Teknaf: Surrender has little impact

    The surrender of 102 drug lords on February 16 now seems merely an eyewash as the yaba empire in Teknaf remains mostly intact with some of their family members and paid agents taking care of the illegal trade.
  • Yaba Pills

    The rise of the rogues

    From political leaders to businessmen, fish traders to poultry farm owners and brickfield workers to tailors -- the professions of 102 yaba godfathers and dealers who surrendered to police on February 16 are as varied as their age.