Mohammad Shamsuzzaman | The Daily Star
  • Mohammad Shamsuzzaman

  • Pandemic Pedagogy

    The Covid-19 pandemic has altered all of our professional beliefs and behaviours. I used to believe, for example, that teaching is a flesh-and-blood experience and that human interaction is essential to education.
  • So, you want to kill the university?

    When the lockdown was imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, I shifted to online teaching at a university here in Dhaka.
  • Diary of Pandemic Days

    It’s already been several months since we’ve been hurled into the vortex of the coronavirus. The virus lives among us, silent and invisible.
  • Professor, who do you profess to now?

    I always wanted to be a professor in English. When the pandemic hit and lockdown began, I ended up being a professor in pandemic.
  • Poetics of Pandemic

    Any pandemic is crushing. COVID-19 is no exception. It strains cognition and emotion. It tanks economies. It disrupts communication. It alters psychology. It breeds panic and paranoia.