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  • Mohammad Shamsuzzaman

  • Professor, who do you profess to now?

    I always wanted to be a professor in English. When the pandemic hit and lockdown began, I ended up being a professor in pandemic.
  • Poetics of Pandemic

    Any pandemic is crushing. COVID-19 is no exception. It strains cognition and emotion. It tanks economies. It disrupts communication. It alters psychology. It breeds panic and paranoia.
  • Viral Miseries

    I always knew that life is unpredictable. But between February and April this year, I started to discover what it truly means to live an unpredictable life.
  • Coronavirus pandemic: Are we (mis)managing it?

    I’m panicked, as is everyone around the world now. We’re faced with an existential threat. A death sentence hovers over us as it has hovered over Wuhan, China, since December 2019.
  • What Makes Good Writing Good?

    To answer this question, let me hazard an analogy -- good writing is much like good food. Good writing tickles our senses the way good food does.