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  • Halda River Pollution: Asian Paper Mill take measures to restart operations

    Asian Paper Mill, which last year was found to be a major factory responsible for polluting the Halda River, possibly the lone natural breeding ground of carp fish in South Asia, is accelerating its efforts to resume operations.
  • Land of fortune!

    In August 2018, Sabiha Begum (not her real name) was approached by a group of locally influential men who wanted to buy her homestead.
  • Tough times for traditional artisans

    Potters, musical instrument makers, idol artisans as well as folk singers across the country -- who rely on various Bengali festivals -- are living through hardship as their income fell down drastically due to coronavirus, which brought all social and traditional events nearly to an end.
  • Sujon in the driving seat!

    It is an unusual scene for port city dwellers to see a city administrator scooter through the city, instead of trveling in a motorcades with police protocol.
  • Rangunia Forest: Plundered by illegal loggers

    People living near Chiria Reserve Forest are sometimes woken up at night by the sound of trespassers felling trees on the hills.