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  • Moudud Ahmmed Sujan

  • Horror is all they can recount

    When Dalia Amin left her Gendaria house in the capital for Saudi Arabia on July 10 last year, her eyes were on a better, secure life for her two-year-old son, her husband as well as for herself.
  • A sigh of relief for residents

    Upon assurance from government high-ups, employees of 270 municipalities postponed their indefinite strike yesterday. Since July 14, they have been staging a sit-in in front of Jatiya Press Club, demanding arrears and regular payment from state coffers.
  • Tannery waste taints Dhaleshwari

    Minhaz Uddin was one of over a thousand fishermen who earned a living by fishing in a five-kilometre stretch of the Dhaleshwari river, from Fulbaria to Vakurta downstream.
  • Municipalities a total mess

    A lack of discipline in spending and hiring employees is the main reason behind the piling up of Tk 692 crore in salary arrears at municipalities across the country, a government committee has found.
  • Aedes albopictus mosquitoes

    Tk 500 max for dengue diagnosis

    Showing symptoms of dengue, Kazi Jabunnahar, 29, went to a nearby private hospital from her Banasree house about two weeks ago.