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  • Mrittika Anan Rahman

    Mrittika Anan Rahman is a daydreamer trying hard not to run into things while walking. Find her at


    Host: Good evening, and welcome to another edition of TAILORS OF DOOM!
  • A new wave of theatre in Dhaka

    One weeknight this past September, I pushed through traffic to the other end of the city for a cultural experience. An Agatha Christie play was being staged in my city – an event I couldn’t miss.
  • The Office Tour

    Hi guys this is Rezwan and I am going to give you a tour of our 700 square feet office of our recently launched digital communications agency. Come on in.
  • A Guide to Baby Names for Millennial Parents

    As a millennial you want to name your baby something unique. You’re horrified at your parents’ decisions to name you after random household objects like Shampoo, Shaban, Balti, and anything they found in their garden, like Apel, Peyara, and Lichu. How lazy.
  • Tailors Of Doom

    Host: Hello, and welcome to another edition of TAILORS OF DOOM! [Audience claps and screams out name of the show in unison.]