Muhammad Nurul Huda | The Daily Star
  • Muhammad Nurul Huda

    The writer is a columnist of The Daily Star.

  • How do we go about correcting police deviance?

    In the columns of this newspaper, an erudite professor highlighted the need to “at least start a dialogue” on reforming the police.
  • The world’s most blighted minority

    As the plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority numbering nearly 1.2 million stranded in Bangladesh crosses the third painful year, one is reminded of the most blighted ethnic minority in Asia.
  • We must do more to deter custodial violence

    The conviction of three police officers working in one of the police stations of Dhaka metropolitan area for a custodial death that occurred years ago should be a shining example in an otherwise murky environment.
  • Policing the police

    Following the death of Major Sinha in circumstances indicative of collusive criminal behaviour of some apparently errant police personnel along with other delinquencies of lawmen elsewhere in the country, well-meaning citizens have expressed their apprehensions about control and accountability of our police or the lack of it.
  • How do we solve the image crisis for police?

    Reports in the print and electronic media indicate that the image of police in public eyes has been worryingly tainted following the death of Major Sinha under circumstances pointing to the criminal collusive actions of some errant policemen, in addition to other serious infractions of policemen elsewhere in the country.