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  • Muhammad Nurul Huda

    The writer is a columnist of The Daily Star.

  • Let’s start with accountability

    January 8 marks the beginning of the Police Week 2018. Like previous years, there would be solemn exhortations to enforce the law impartially and protect human rights in public interest.
  • Looking beyond the failures of policing

    There could be no two opinions on the significance of responsible law enforcement in a democratic polity.
  • Apartheid in our neighbourhood!

    The expression “apartheid”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means racial segregation, especially in South Africa. I am not sure if apartheid has, in real terms...
  • The tragedy of August 21

    Remembering the mayhem of August 21, 2004, we have to agree that the horrendous crimes committed on that day have left an indelible impact on the course and character of constitutional politics in Bangladesh.
  • “The poet of politics”

    One has to agree that in the political progression of a nation, the obvious has to be stated time and again. The fact that public memory is short and that there have been efforts to deliberately twist the history of our political struggle should, in fact, compel us to delineate the authentic course of our history.