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  • Stamford University student Rumpa's death

    Rumpa’s Death: Cops work on clues to solve mystery

    Footprints on the edge of a building’s roof and a pair of sandals found near the body.
  • Cheating in recruitment tests with spy gadgets

    With a tiny wireless earphone inserted in his ear and an electronic transmitter attached to his arm with an elastic band, Rasel Ali sat for a recruitment test of a state-owned bank at Adarsha High School in Mirpur on Friday, when the detective branch (DB) of police detained him.
  • The forgotten ones

    Sitting at her home in Narayanganj’s Siddhirganj, a feeble-looking Maksuda Begum stares vacantly into the distance. She mumbles most of the time making her words difficult to catch.
  • IS Cap

    Where did the IS cap come from?

    How did one of the most talked about terrorists carry a cap emblazoned with the IS logo to a Dhaka courtroom in and then proceed it put it on for all to see?
  • Picking up the pieces after July 1, 2016

    It used to draw Dhaka’s hip crowd and the expat community alike.