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  • Nabiha Nusaiba

  • Streaming Local, Dreaming Global

    Be it YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, a world of entertainment lies at our fingertips, stripping Bangladeshis of access to their own culture. This is where Bangladeshi streaming sites come in.
  • The State of Extracurriculars

    The ECA scene in Bangladesh has changed drastically over the past few years, and with it, our feelings towards them.
  • Respect Begins at Home

    We have a serious problem: People in our society do not see women as human.
  • Bollywood’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’: Okay? Not Okay?

    When The Fault in Our Stars (2012) first released, it brought on a powerful surge of change, not only in our reading lists, but in our perception of terminal and mental diseases and even to the genre itself.
  • A Look into Standardised Tests

    Having one test that provides the same questions, conditions and most importantly, grading system aides admissions officers immensely by successfully bringing all applicants under the same roof. At least, on paper.