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  • How important is it to be ‘culture fit’?

    Just like people, businesses too have personalities that we call organisational culture. A company’s culture can be seen as the values and beliefs of the company’s founders through the collective force of employees, interactions between management and subordinates and the work environment.
  • Life lessons for fresh graduates

    Life has a way of opening your eyes, especially once you leave the comfort of your classroom, say goodbye to friends and embark on your own path in life. Once you complete your graduation, you are one step closer to your goals and dreams and what was once the
  • Must-have skills for fresh graduates

    While it is true that companies might look at the school that you graduated from, it is not always a priority.
  • The need for being proficient in data analytics

    Data analytics could be more important in organisations than a second language or even past work experiences. In the last few years, data landscape has seen tremendous changes.
  • Project Sorbojoya: A social business targeting women empowerment

    Sorbojoya, a project under Watermark LiveStock Management Ltd. is working to create entrepreneurial traits and qualities among the rural women of Sadullapur Upazila, in the district of Gaibandha.