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  • Tea advertisements and the ideal woman in 20th-century colonial Bengal

    Tea was introduced into the Indian subcontinent as a colonial cash crop to preserve British and Indian commercial interests.
  • The poor state of our higher education

    In Bangladesh, universities in general—private or public—lack an environment for free thinking. There are mainly two types of barriers to free speech in classroom: one is an institutional restriction imposed on the academic, and the other imposed by the academic on the student.
  • The Plight of Menstruating Women

    My imbrued frock disclosed to my displeasure- my entrance into puberty. Two days prior to my twelfth birthday, it ensued- the 'biological inevitable.' The flowing down of thick red fluid did not place me into perplexity, but it made the next seven days
  • A belated prayer for the Bangali New Year

    In this Noboborsho, let the superego (angelic quality within us) supersede the ego (the balancing force between the animalistic, devilish and the angelic instinct within us, which often makes self-centred decisions), and let the ego take charge of us only on the occasion of necessity.
  • Misogyny: The spirit of terrorism

    Contemporary terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS), Boko Haram, Taliban and Al-Qaeda incorporate a political agenda with an ideological