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  • Street Music

    Saturday morning: on the brick plaza at the corner of Fourth and Catheri
  • Allegiance

    The barred windows and fortress walls,

    Sentences are the workhorse of writing—so much so that we forget that they do more than just say something. Of course, a sentence communicates some sort of meaning, but how it says is as important as what it says.
  • Falling into Lakes & Other Misadventures in P.E.

    When I first came to the US for college, I was perplexed by the physical education requirement: we had no such thing in Bangladesh.
  • Death with Dignity

    It's a bit odd for me as a healthy 30-something-year-old to be writing about death. But having lived through the protracted agony of my mother's death from kidney failure and complications from dialysis, I feel I have some authority on the subject.