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  • Hill teachers in dire straits: They deserve to live in dignity

    It may be hard to believe but Rajendra Lal Tripura, an assistant teacher of Hamachang Forungni Govt. Primary School, has not been getting his salary for the last two years.
  • Closing the gender gap in women's political empowerment

    The World Economic Forum's “Global Gender Gap Report 2018”, published before the last general election in the country, has surprised many as it placed Bangladesh in the 5th position among 149 countries in terms of closing the gender gap in the sub-index “political empowerment”.
  • What this election means for young voters

    Contrary to popular belief that our young generation is indifferent about politics, our universities, colleges and even schoolgoing children have proved in the recent past that they are not only politically conscious but also willing to play their part when it's time. This was proved during the recent quota reform movement as well as the road safety movement.
  • Saving our girls from stalkers

    Having barely survived an attack by a group of stalkers on December 10, Lucky Ghosh fights for her life at a hospital in Manikganj, while her stalker Ashikuzzaman
  • 'Our struggle ended but the struggle of the Biranganas had just begun'

    Freedom fighter Shirin Banu Mitil passed away on July 21, 2016. A year before her death, she had spoken to The Daily Star's Naznin Tithi, sharing her memories of her participation in the Liberation War, disguised as a boy. The interview was originally published in The Daily Star's Independence Day Special Supplement in 2015.