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    Reporter/Feature Writer at Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves nature, arts, music and eating a lot of spicy foods. She can be contacted at

  • What of the bread and butter of our bakers?

    Fifty-four-year-old Md Belal Hossain works at a small bakery in Ibrahimpur, Mirpur. He has learnt only one trade in his life—making bread, biscuits, cakes, and confectionery items on the dirty floors of grim bakeries.
  • Cancer: Not just a rich man's disease

    “When my husband stopped talking to me, all the responsibility of my treatment fell on my elderly father, who is a farmer. He had to sell off our land, three cows and trees to fund my treatment”
  • The power of SMEs

    When you think of starting a business in Bangladesh, you almost immediately think of exploring your options in the garments sector. You might even take the risk of venturing into the food business or any other 'tested and tried' sector that is bound to give an instant reward.
  • WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD instead of using the footbridge?

    Rahima Khatun tries to cross the busy Mirpur 10 circle, with her four-year-old daughter in her arms. She waits for a while and when the traffic slows down, she runs across the road.
  • Are the kids actually alright?

    School and college student protesters have returned to the classroom already but their hearts remain on the streets. Meanwhile, allegations have arisen that some institutions are penalising students for their participation in the student movement that sprung up spontaneously for safer roads.