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  • Nilima Jahan

    Reporter/Feature Writer at Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves nature, arts, music and eating a lot of spicy foods. She can be contacted at

  • The true story of fake news

    This May, an online portal deliberately used a photo of Shrabonty Ananna—a model and social media influencer—in one of their reports with the title, “Illicit relationship with the uncle, girl arrested for killing her newborn”. Since stories accusing women never fail
  • Her Business Revolution

    Seven years ago, Sazia Hasan Izu, a second-year student of home economics from the University of Dhaka, could not have imagined that she was going to shape her profession as a businesswoman by selling her grandmother’s homemade oil for hair fall solution. But
  • No comfort at court

    The High Court issued a rule on June 23 on why it will not send out instructions to set up air-conditioning in all district courts of the
  • A mother’s cry for justice

    Sitting in the cafeteria of The Daily Star, Nipa Begum aka Sohagi was taking her first meal of the day nearly at three in the afternoon. The dark circles beneath her eyes bore testament to her sleepless nights and exhaustion.
  • The disabled need more than an allowance

    Last week, a post did the rounds on social media, featuring a visually impaired couple who were looking for a job to support their