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  • How to negotiate to get your dream job

    Finding a good job may sometimes turn out to be hectic if you do not use effective strategies. There are many people who often lose hope after applying for several jobs without any progress. But how do you overcome this challenge? How do you find a job that you have a passion for?
  • Telehealth: Is it enough?

    As healthcare systems all over the world become saturated, populations grow in size and age, and technology evolves at a pace never seen before, there is a growing need to update existing health systems. Luckily, there are also many opportunities for improvement.
  • Breaking gender stereotypes in the workplace

    While numbers vary across industries, a recent survey in the financial services sector found that while women represented 58% of human resources, 46% of marketing, and 35% of legal executive roles, they held only 13% of technology, 17% of finance and 21% of operations executive roles. Unfortunately, gender pay gaps arise because the management occupations with fewer women typically pay more.
  • Back to the future: 90’s tech making a comeback

    Fashion experts claim, "Every twenty years a look comes back." This applies to both fashion trends as well as some glorious pieces of technology that we treasured back in the day.
  • Attention Deficit Trait: How to recognise and fight against it

    One of the most dependable stress triggers in the workplace is something that is sort of an epidemic these days: Overwhelm. In fact, the state of having too much to do and not enough time to do it is the very definition of stress,