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  • Suhrawardy Evacuation: Heroes born out of blaze

    Around 5:00pm, Dr Noor Ahmed Talukder along with others was in the middle of an operation at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital.
  • Satire: SomeBODI that I used to know

    The #ThoughtsandPrayers agency in heaven went into delirium on Saturday when famed anti-drug activist Baby Boudee held a milad-e-mehfil, requesting divine intervention to rid the country of the scourge of drugs.
  • Let's Football

    Football fever has reached its peak all over the world over due to the ongoing FIFA World Cup. However, Bangladesh's foray into the global sport was met with deafening criticism, owing to widespread allegations of corruption in the augural Independent Cup of Digital Democracy (ICDD).

    The coming month of Ramadan brings forth two widely different forms of enjoyment: one being the fast and the other the breaking of
  • No child left behind

    Ex manus capere. Detach from the hand.