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  • Perplexed Chowdhury

  • The peculiar case of nicknames

    Do these words sound familiar? Maybe not, if you are a millennial, but Gen X can surely recollect the expression, as words spoken by people in the peripheries of Bangladesh.
  • Sweet Tooth

    Thanks to the discovery of artificial sweeteners, your sweet tooth can enjoy delicacies, once in a while. Giving you that adrenaline rush, you craved so much!
  • Those milky delish

    Remember those days when you used to sneak in a bit of powdered milk, from mom's precious larder and relish it with siblings in a comfy corner behind the sofa?
  • In love with yoghurt

    I had read enough parenting books already, encouraging me to build false hope. I thought I knew all the tips and tricks and had already mastered the subject matter. But could I be anywhere near the truth – not at all!
  • Just another party

    One advice to the new moms out there would be to always – 'keep it simple.' Let me give you another piece of advice, any sort of red sauce is always a bonus, especially if its PRAN Sauce! Everything else will fall into place.