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  • Gloom of growers not going away

    Gani Mia is a farmer with no land of his own. He grows paddy, jute and other crops in others’ fields. His story, though fictitious, is in school textbooks and etched in the minds of many. It stands true for a large number of the country’s farmers, especially the marginal ones.
  • Paddy Procurement System: Farmers lose out due to moisture

    The required level of moisture content set by the authorities has become another big headache for Boro growers hit by falling prices, as it makes most of them ineligible to sell their produce to the government.
  • Rice Procurement by Govt: Lists of farmers raise questions

    Two government lists of farmers as Boro paddy suppliers are not what they look like. Many of them are anything but farmers. They include shopkeepers, a contractor and even a former city councillor engaged in a profession other than paddy cultivation.
  • Eid won’t bring any joy to them

    A little over a week is left before the Eid-ul-Fitr but that can hardly excite the paddy growers in Naogaon as they remain preoccupied with falling prices and debts.
  • Govt mulling rice export

    Rice Procurement: Farmers’ presence thin at govt depot

    A flurry of activity yesterday afternoon set the Local Supply Depot at Mohonpur apart from other depots in Rajshahi. While farmers were found reluctant to take paddy to most depots, some half a dozen labourers were seen at the Mohonpur depot, unloading sacks of paddy from a truck.