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    Porimol Palma

  • Coronavirus pandemic: A big blow to overseas jobs

    The coronavirus pandemic is set to deal a heavy blow to the country’s overseas job market and the remittance flow as a large number of Bangladeshi migrants have already lost their jobs or were receiving low wages amid shutdowns enforced to stem the spread of the virus, say economists and researchers.
  • baby

    A father’s wait to meet his firstborn

    The feeling of being a father in indescribable, and it is more so when it’s experienced for the first time. A Bangladeshi migrant in Singapore, whose wife has just given birth, is yet to experience this as for the past two months he has been ill. His physical condition has been worsened by coronavirus infection.
  • NY now a city of worries

    The glittering New York City, a bustling tourist destination, is now a land of worries. New York is the most affected state in the US, now the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Of the more than 188,000 people infected by the virus in the country,
  • Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia

    Undocumented migrants in Malaysia in a pickle

    An estimated two lakh irregular Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus infections with the Southeast Asian country enforcing about a-month-long lockdown since March 18.
  • A plea from the valley of death

    Ignatius Rozario, a Bangladeshi living in Milan, is acutely depressed. The 45-year-old man who always likes to dress up and look sharp now has a black-and-grey beard after staying home for two weeks amid Italy’s countrywide lockdown.