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  • Prof Dr Kazi Manzur Kader

  • All you need to know about lung cancer

    Lung cancer is the leading cancer worldwide in terms of incidence and mortality. Only 15% of patients who develop lung cancer survive for 5 years. There is no definitive population-based cancer registry in Bangladesh, so it is difficult to find out the incidence and mortality of any kind of cancer.
  • Medical physics in radiotherapy for cancer treatment

    The first known reference to cancer or cancer-like diseases in man was documented almost 5,000 years ago. Cancerous disease has been
  • My Care, My Comfort

    The incidence of cancer as a non-communicable disease is increasing globally. Bangladesh is no exception to this. The total number of cancer patients in Bangladesh is about 1.5 million.
  • Treating cancer during COVID-19

    People with cancer appear to be at increased risk of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and their outcomes are worse than those of individuals without cancer. This is especially valid for cancer patients with other diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease etc.