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  • Prof M Karim Khan

  • How to ensure safe vegetables and fruits in COVID-19

    Very often parents ask us whether they will able to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables to their child or not in this pandemic? How to make them safe or disinfected for consumption and how to preserve them.
  • Routine vaccination of children in COVID-19

    Recently many parents are seeking advice from doctors regarding routine vaccination of children in the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Boosting immunity to protect from COVID-19

    Self-defense is the best defense. To protect ourselves from any disease or infection we need to increase our immunity. How can we do that? It is relatively simple and inexpensive. What we need is our desire and a bit of modification of our lifestyle and food habit.
  • Coronavirus infection in children

    The coronavirus outbreak has become a global problem, creating panic and concern all over the world. The pandemic has restricted movement,
  • Coronavirus outbreak

    How COVID-19 patients can avoid ICU management

    We know that intensive care unit (ICU) is for critically ill patients. We also know that we have a scarcity of ICU beds as well as specialists in critical care management in Bangladesh.