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  • Coronavirus infection in pregnancy

    PREGNANCY & COVID-19: Coronavirus infection in pregnancy

    Coronavirus can affect anyone, but in pregnancy, it may create anxiety and panic to the expectant mother and her family members.
  • Dengue Fever Prevention

    Dengue in new look and how to deal with it

    Now most of the patient having fever are scared of dengue. They themselves are asking to give some tests to exclude dengue. Last year, the number of dengue patients were minimum but this year many more patients are affected.
  • How to tackle motion sickness during travel

    I travel regularly by bus and often find some of my travel mates are vomiting 20-30 minutes after commencing the journey.
  • Is thumb sucking a problem?

    Recently I met Abid (not a real name) with his parents. He is an adorable boy of 4 years. His parents are concerned about his thumb sucking.
  • Green banana in treating diarrhoea

    Diarrhoea is a common condition in our children. Approximately 3-4 episodes of diarrhoea annually are a common event in children under 5. To prevent diarrhoea, handwashing, eating safe food, drinking clean water and safe disposal of excreta is important.