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  • Puja Sarkar

  • The artist’s impediments

    Today’s young artists face their share of obstacles and struggles, which make their journey in the creative world rather unique.
  • Digital Detox: mission failed

    My life does not necessarily revolve around the internet. Like most people, I enjoy the occasional YouTube and Netflix.
  • Experiencing Desar

    For the perfect outfit to reflect one’s inner queen, and undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impression on anyone’s mind
  • Artists, assemble!

    Local artists and artisans have become forgotten talent in society. Their crafts have been overshadowed by non-local products which most of us assume to be of better quality.
  • Fashion diversified

    With a new and glamorous take on everything pastel, and a fusion of Western and Eastern fashion, Zubaida Faiza has set up her first shop for everyone looking to add variety with a touch of flash to their wardrobe.