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  • Experiences you miss out on when you're FROM Dhaka

    Being from Dhaka means you've probably experienced a few perks all your life, like empty roads during Eid. However, it also means that you've missed out on some experiences that sound like they would be fun.
  • Gym Stereotypes Busted

    Joining a gym is almost always one of those things that people keep postponing. It's either “I don't have the time for it right now”, or “Do I really need to waste money on a gym?
  • A different take on a classic sitcom premise

    Netflix in Bangladesh really opens up a whole new expanse of shows to the general populace. Shows that would never make it to mainstream TV channels here are now available to those who want something different. And Derry Girls is one show that really hits that description.
  • Dragons no more?

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has just premiered across theatres in Bangladesh, and as an avid fan of the franchise
  • Working Against a Stacked Deck

    “I've earned the degree and the job. It's not something that was given to me as a gift,” says Afnan Rudabe Rahman, Project Engineer and Coordinator at Energypac Electronics Ltd. She, like countless other women, has had to coolly answer multitudes of unnecessary questions about her established qualifications, simply because she didn't fit the mental image some people have of workers employed in her field. And like all those women, she takes it in stride as part of the unavoidable struggles of being a female STEM major.