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  • A day on the sidelines of a food- blogger’s life

    “Helllllo guys, today we’re checking out this hip new place in the heart of the city…,” starts Farhan.

    The world over the last few years seems to have been turned upside down. The flat earth society is gaining traction again and global warming is being actively debated.
  • The Great Gridlock

    Rashed tried to remain as courteous as possible, and looked for the man’s bags. After only five minutes in the crowd, Mr. Chowdhury yelled, “Ridiculous! I’ll wait in the executive lounge for first class passengers. You let me know after the luggage is here and you have called my cars.”
  • At the End of the World

    We’re running as fast as possible. You’re pulling ahead just a little and in the middle of fearing for our lives, I’m suddenly hit with the
  • Mothers REACT to Outside Food

    If there’s anything brown moms despise more than their children’s screen addictions, it is when their children eat out. When you