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  • Cannabis found in gas cylinders

    Cannabis found in gas cylinders

    They cut the lower parts of the gas cylinders in round shape, concealed five kilograms of cannabis inside each of it, shut those with screws, and finally painted the cylinders to make those appear untouched, in a bid to dodge the eyes of law enforcers.
  • Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury

    Exactly the same, every word of it!

    The extortion case against prominent road safety campaigner Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury has three witnesses, one of whom is now saying he was made a witness without his knowledge. But more intriguingly, their statements included in the charge sheet are exactly the same -- every line, every word and even every punctuation of them.
  • Banani FR Tower Fire survivors

    Luck and wits got them out alive

    Once he learnt that a fire had broken out in the building and it was spreading fast, Shariful Islam on the ninth floor of FR Tower told his colleagues to run to safety. But they could not as black smoke already had engulfed the staircases.
  • Polls Irregularities: Protest erupts at DU; strike today

    Protests erupted in Dhaka University yesterday immediately after most of the prominent panels boycotted the Ducsu election citing mass irregularities.
  • DNCC By-Elections 2019

    Questionable numbers

    It was around 10:45am, nearly three hours into the beginning of yesterday's Dhaka North City Corporation by-polls.