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  • Monitors that are easy on the eyes

    When we were young, almost all of us had a limit to how much TV we were allowed to watch in a single day. For many the cautionary
  • Podcasts to help you survive Dhaka traffic

    Despite what the name suggests, this weekly podcast has nothing to do with your gastrointestinal tract. What it is, however, is an automotive history podcast hosted by Donut Media host James Pumphrey and Nolan J. Sykes.
  • Language should not be a barrier to travelling

    Although English is spoken worldwide, it is not the definitive language everywhere. And while language barrier can be a problem, it should not stop you from experiencing different cultures. Here’s a roundup of the best apps that will help you communicate across language barriers even if you don’t know the native language.
  • Best of the best: luxury cars for Bangladesh

    The facelift of this German luxury barge came with a giant kidney grill, Napa leather seats and a Samsung tablet with which you can control a bunch of options at the back. For power, it uses the same 3.0 litre straight-six powerplant found in the new Z4 and MkV Toyota Supra,
  • Air Fryer/what, how and why

    We all love eating fried food at the expense of indigestion, high blood pressure and a fatty liver. But what if you could eat all the sinful stuff without the sin? Like the title has already clued you in, an Air Fryer is the magical device.