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  • First impressions of Android Q

    A warm welcome for all of our bespectacled users and concerned parents. No longer do users have to squint their eyes while checking
  • The scourge that is piracy

    Piracy faces severe backlash from the public. Besides the general public, companies bellow out the same slogan: Piracy is stealing. Claims were made that piracy hampers sales, create losses and ruins the economy. So, for an issue that has taken the western hemisphere by storm; what about us?
  • The RTX dilemma

    Near the second half of last year, Nvidia released a brand-new line of graphics cards, dubbed RTX. To truly understand the difference
  • A new master race in the making?

    After years of teasing. the announcement of the PS5 comes as no real shocker. However, with the release not even tentative and the price point still a bit ‘iffy’, is it too early to call the PS5 potentially game-changing?