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  • Nothing done, Tk 57cr gone

    Officials have attended multiple training abroad, bought five cars for Tk 2.5 crore and rented five more for Tk 10 lakh per month, but they have not even selected the project areas.
  • JP moves to curtail party chairman’s special powers

    The Jatiya Party is considering curtailing the special powers of its chairman mentioned in the party charter.
  • Feuding JP factions ‘patch things up’

    The two feuding factions of Jatiya Party reportedly patched things up last night and decided that party Chairman GM Quader would remain in his post and Raushan Ershad would become the Leader of the Opposition in parliament.
  • Post-Ershad JP split over party helm

    Raushan Ershad was declared Jatiya Party chairperson yesterday as the rift between her and GM Quader over the party leadership and post of Leader of the Opposition in the Jatiya Sangsad deepens.
  • Jatiya Party Logo

    Tussle in JP over post of opposition leader

    Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader is at loggerheads with Senior Co-chairperson Raushan Ershad over becoming the leader of the opposition in parliament.