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  • You and romantic stalkers

    Romantic dramas and YA novels are known for many things, including romanticising abusive relationships. We've all seen or read about that male protagonist; the mysterious, brooding guy with a dark past who's manhandling and belittling the female protagonist at every turn.

    Fanfiction is one of the most creative ways to interact with a fandom. When you're frustrated with the current plot or looking for something new, fanfiction is your holy grail, and the brave writers your salvation. However, even these writers can get stereotyped. Can you pick your favourite?
  • Surviving sports class for the Unathletic

    Most high-school students are familiar with the dreaded, compulsory physical education class, more commonly dubbed 'sports class'. Although for some, hearing these words doesn't invoke fear, but rather they think of it as a medium to get away from boring lectures. Then there's us; The Unfortunates.
  • Surviving High School for the Socially Awkward

    A lot of people say that high school has been the best time of their lives. While this may be true, it doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. Usually the people who
  • An expert's guide to buffets

    All-you-can-eat buffets are both a gift and a curse to the world. While they can be incredibly satisfying for those who manage to get their money's worth, most people usually get scammed and return home with empty stomachs and emptier wallets.