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  • Demystifying the data-governance conundrum

    Mimi Onuoha, an artist and adjunct professor at New York University, made an art installation titled “The Library of Missing Datasets”.
  • Nurturing local managers

    The managerial capacity problem, first coined by Penrose (1959), implies that a firm’s ability to grow effectively is directly related to its ability to add managerial capacity to administer and accommodate its growth.
  • Engaging expatriates in our growth journey

    The signifi-cance of expatriate engagement in emerging economies has led to substantial attention as evidenced by the growing number of studies, seminars, symposiums and conferences, pilot projects and initiatives funded by various governments and development partners. According to a Forbes article, domestic companies are now thriving and pose a real competition for multinational companies. Naturally, focusing on local markets and local consumers, these domestic companies now seek cooperation from expatriate entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.
  • Digital disruptors: Let’s not get left behind

    With a demographic dividend, fast-growing market size, a growing number of tech-savvy people, improved ICT infrastructure and rising broadband coverage across the country, Bangladesh has the potential of realising economic gains as the disruptive-technology-