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  • Sadi Mohammad Shahnewaz

  • Owned, ‘Omor’ and a dystopian masterpiece

    Writers are usually advised to shy away from words like ‘masterpiece’, ‘classic’, ‘perfect’ – or other bold terms and such, especially in an industry that tries to promote mediocrity as a given. Quite often, the lack of equipment, manpower and investment is cited as a reason.
  • “Shortcuts will not win you the love of the fans”

    One of the most recognisable faces in Bangladesh’s entertainment industry, Tahsan Khan has grown tremendously as an artiste over the past decade.
  • Preparing for a musical insurgence

    Even though the ongoing pandemic has affected professional artistes the hardest, the rising stars in the music industry also face an uphill challenge, after musical events stopped altogether throughout the country.
  • The chronicles of quarantined recording

    Expensive gear, intricate DAWs and state-of-the-art noise cancelling – is what a top-tier musician is used to while recording.
  • Pulling through as a musician

    It was, perhaps inevitable for the music industry to see huge losses in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Since social gatherings can put one’s well-being at risk right now, live shows have been cancelled, hindering the biggest source of income for musicians and putting their future in jeopardy.