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  • Sadi Mohammad Shahnewaz

  • Indalo drops remake of ‘Miththa’

    Indalo, one of Dhaka’s sensational mainstream bands, is set to launch their latest EP, Notun Khame Purono Chithi, which contains
  • Ishfaque Kamal

    One of the propellers of team Daekho’s comedic fame, Ishfaque Kamal is one of the shining young stars in the Bangladeshi stand up arena. Always quirky and up for a chat, Ishfaque sits down with The Daily Star for a cup of coffee and a round of One Minute Please!
  • “The current generation of musicians is extremely talented” – Shahbaz Khan Pilu

    Shahbaz Khan Pilu, best known as the drummer of pioneering Bangladeshi band Renaissance, is also one of the sharpest musical minds in the industry. The veteran is set to release his debut solo album, Tomra Bhalo Acho To?, where he sets out to show his musical flair to the contemporary audience. The musician talks to The Daily Star about his latest endeavor.
  • Happy Birthday Maestro Ayub Bachchu

    Happy birthday Maestro

    Today marks the birthday of one of the greatest musicians to touch Asian soil, Ayub Bachchu. This is his first birthday since his untimely demise. His contribution to the music industry cannot be understated -- any youngster who picks up the guitar today is bound to be directly or indirectly influenced the maestro who uplifted the status of the instrument itself in Bangladesh.
  • The Armeen Musa Band’s ‘Live from Space’ takes off

    The Armeen Musa Band, led by talented singer-songwriter Armeen Musa, is set to release a live recorded album, which is comprised of Armeen’s own tracks and wonderfully realized renditions of popular songs.