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    Ekti Kishor Chele, Ekaki Shopno Dekhe Hashi aar Gaane, Shukher Chobi Aanke.
  • Zinnia with love from India

    Zinnia Chowdhury is a promising young singer who resides in Howrah, India. The artiste is currently touring Bangladesh promoting the
  • Coup De Grâce-Crunch

    As the protests of Dhaka's youth rages on, it is perhaps the perfect time to talk about a band that embodies their angst and will to rebel perfectly: Crunch.
  • Hridoy mixes it up with 'HK Production'

    As an artiste, Hridoy Khan is best described as an innovator. Since his debut with Hridoy Mix back in 2007, he has kept on experimenting with different genres and styles.
  • 5 games to look forward to this year

    With this year's E3 leaving a sour taste in the mouth for many, it is now obvious that 2018 isn't as good a year for gaming as it was hyped up to be.