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  • Sarah Alam

    Sarah Alam nervously sits with us for a rapid-fire interview! The popular radio jockey is also a well known anchor, and is soon about to debut on the silver screen with the film 'Bengali Beauty'. Read on as Sarah spills the beans on some well kept 'secrets'!
  • Chirkutt set to rock London

    Chirkutt has long been one of Bangladesh's most prolific musical acts. The band has had their fair share of international success, and is set to rock London on July 1 in one of Europe's
  • Mushfiq R Farhan

    We got hold of everyone's favourite RJ turned actor! Mushfiq R. Farhan is all set to be a part of history as he stars as a villain in
  • The Voice of 1.2 Billion People – Preva Shomy

    The Bangladeshi flag in her bag and its ideals in her heart- Preva Shomy captured quite a lot of attention on social media when she spoke at the Global Citizen Festival in New York.
  • Mehdi Mix 1 captivates listeners

    Once upon a time, 'mixed' albums were a norm in the industry as there would be a lot of excitement and speculations regarding which star-studded offerings were available.