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  • Embracing your inner geek

    Shakib Chowdhury, Gibran Tanwir, Alif Alauddin and Farooq Shams – four friends who had set out on a lighthearted journey of talking about pop culture, have inadvertently started one of the most popular web shows in Bangladesh, Geek Myth.
  • Hasib gears up for a busy year

    Muttaque Hasib lives, breathes and eats music. Having been a part of the music industry for over a decade, the passionate musician is going through a career renaissance with all-new projects and upcoming originals. The Daily Star gets in touch with Hasib for a small chat.
  • A Trainwreck in Bangalore

    Trainwreck has long been one of the hardest hitters in the underground scene, obtaining a cult-like following with their originals and cover numbers.
  • Did 2018 hit the right notes?

    It is hard to argue the fact that 2018 was an eventful year in Bangladeshi music. Whether it be the end of a musical saga, or a stark change in consumption trends, there was a lot that indicated where the future may lie for an industry that is slowly recuperating from the dark days of mass piracy.
  • “My fans are my greatest blessings”

    Minar's career has been on an upward trajectory ever since his coming of age with 'Ahare'. The artiste, who possesses an enviably unique and melodious voice, has been one of the most consistent figures in the music industry.