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  • “This was a life-altering experience” - Tahsan on ‘Footsteps of Tagore’

    “At one point in life, we feel like we have learned everything there is to know,” says Tahsan, in an uncharacteristically excited tone.
  • "Jazz gave me an identity” – Imran Ahmed

    Imran Ahmed is perhaps the most recognisable face in the very niche jazz scene in the country, doing regular shows both home and abroad with his band: Imran Ahmed Trio.
  • Subir Nandi’s final journey

    It was a morose day, with the unbearable heat beating down on everyone at the Central Shaheed Minar. Despite that, thousands of people from all walks of life wanted to catch a glimpse of him, their favourite artiste Subir Nandi, one last time.
  • Manna Dey’s 100th birth anniversary

    May 1 marked the 100th birth anniversary of arguably the greatest exponent of Bangla music, Manna Dey. Born as Prabodh Chandra Dey in 1919, Manna Dey became a game-changer in the Indian film industry, with his unforgettable and melodious voice. He recorded more than 4000 songs, both in Bangla and Hindi, throughout his career.
  • A Feedback for the ages

    If you were in ICCB on April 30, 2019, consider yourself lucky, as you witnessed history as Feedback, one of Bangladesh’s legendary bands, celebrated the completion of 40 years of their illustrious career.