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  • Covid-19 exposing Hassan’s failures

    On Saturday, after a long absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic,Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan held court in a press conference. And over the course of the press conference, he proved once again that beyond obligatory soundbites about regional cricket associations come election time, problems at grassroots levels do not much capture his attention.
  • Nation building Covid-22 style: Separate the rich from the poor

    Countries around the world have decided to take a leaf out of Emotionation’s book after a recent study showed how the then under-developed country used the Covid-22 crisis to become an economic powerhouse in 15 years.
  • #FreeToo breaks internet as free speech goes viral

    The Covid-22 outbreak continues to upend the world order.
  • Reminiscence: My first match

    The cricket bug (intended) bit me hard around the winter of 1995, when Sri Lanka, West Indies and Australia were locked in battle in the tri-series down under and I was holed up at my grandparents’ with fever, glued to the television.
  • Virus hits Emotionation

    North Atlantic country Emotionation’s population has dipped below critical mass, according to the latest survey conducted by the United Rations, published yesterday.