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  • For the Gaye Holud

    Fruit skewers or kababs are made with fresh fruit that is thread onto wooden sticks and served as a dessert or a party appetiser.
  • Wonders of winter vegetables

    Potol bhorta, a traditional Bengali recipe, is very quick and easy to prepare with few ingredients. It goes well with steamed rice or roti.
  • Durga’s sweets

    In Bengali culture, people often claim “payesh” to be the best dessert, especially if the occasion is a celebratory one, like birthdays, anniversaries, rice ceremonies or even baby showers.
  • Dissecting oil

    How do different oils factor into a healthy diet? It all comes down to the types of fat found in the oil. Fat provides satiety and enjoyment to the food we eat, but it also serves nutritional benefits.
  • Eid with sunflower oil

    Sunflower oil is an edible oil extracted from the seeds of the sunflower plant. It is mild, light yellow in colour, and neutral in taste. There are several types of sunflower oils produced, such as high linoleum, high oleic, and mild oleic.