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  • Samin Sabah Islam

    Samin Sabah Islam is on a quest to find the perfect diet while simultaneously swallowing the last slice of pizza. Throw her some tips at

  • Burdened Hearts

    On the night of my wedding I break the ice with my newly wedded husband by telling him about the first man I loved.
  • Women

    I store my tears in a jar,
  • The writer and his muse

    Luna scrutinised the twenty-nine page long script with yearning eyes, waiting to find herself laced amidst the phrases.
  • Family and others

    Just as he was about to call out for someone, a middle aged man with a fluttering mess of greyish hair strode in with a blue file in hand. Shafkat cursed himself for not being able to recall his name.
  • What goes on in a family WhatsApp group

    It started one Saturday morning when my weekend slumber was rudely interrupted by a buzzing of my WhatsApp. I opened the phone to find myself added to a new group entitled'We R Family' and six messages asking me to wake up, followed by 16 threads about the chores that were to be done by me before my mother got home. In that moment I knew, there was no going back.