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  • Sania Aiman

  • Nepal calling

    The mystique of towering mountains, some snow-capped, some verdant, interspersed with lush valleys, singing brooks, and rivers rushing between mountains, is what Nepal is to me.
  • Munlai community tourism done right

    On a more practical note, the road to Munlai is through Chittagong, either a drive or flight, and the rest can be on a chartered jeep. Regardless of the mode, the winding ride through the lush green hills brings joy to the city-weary senses even before you reach the destination—a homestay specialty resort with a community tourism programme involving the Bawm.
  • Symbols of Remembrance

    The need to hold on to memories of loved ones that have left us is primal, and universal, as is grief and its expression. Yet, the expressions of grief vary widely, reflecting individual cultures, influences and sometimes even just personal tastes.
  • The etiquettes of Qurbani

    The first thing to keep in mind is the welfare of the animal prior to slaughter, as well as your connection to it.
  • Irresistible Radiance

    Pearls are a true labour of love, although not human, as it is the oysters that nourish the infiltrating granules until the irritants become a real piece of beauty.