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  • Sania Aiman

  • Irresistible Radiance

    Pearls are a true labour of love, although not human, as it is the oysters that nourish the infiltrating granules until the irritants become a real piece of beauty.
  • A Pearl For Every Occasion

    Our collective fascination for the oyster-borne jewel of the sea continues, transcending time, and borders, for their rarity, iridescence and sublime beauty. Jewellers and painters have long exploited their symbolic associations, from luxury, seductiveness, purity and charms of good luck. So it is now time for us to delve a little bit into our own exploitation of this thing of beauty, to make ourselves prettier, perhaps. No matter what kind of social interaction you are getting ready for, pearls can help amp up the ensemble.
  • Timeless Love by Chantilly

    “The name Chantilly immediately creates a certain image in the audience's mind, associated with delicate French lace and aesthetics, which is resonant of my ideal clientele,” Selina says of her inspiration. Nusrat is not a newbie to designing, having successfully participated in the Dhaka Fashion Week in 2010, under her own brand “MATIr”, which she discontinued later to tend to family responsibilities, mainly raising her son.
  • I am She - Amishe

    To be considered truly unique and stand out is ironically the most common desire that has taken hold of the fancies of people over the ages. That is no less true today, even though our expressions and attitudes have changed. Amishe-a play on words for I am she – is a tradition inspired and opulent take on the modern woman's desire for something truly unique.
  • Winter work wear

    Silken Dreams

    A gentle flurry of fabric, a graceful sway of soft material in bright jewel toned luxury– ah, for all that is silk!