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  • My father’s daughter

    The difference between a good father and a bad one is simple — good fathers are present, and are embodiment of the basics that a good man should be. But are they perfect? Far from it. Even doting daughters are often perfectly aware of their father’s human flaws, yet the realisation takes away nothing from the wealth of love between the parent and child.
  • All-in-one online shopping at

    Feel like ordering a TV for the football league final in a couple of days, but have no time to shop? Head to for the Sony A9F 55 Inch 4K Android Television for just TK 2,72,990, much lower than many other retail prices out there! Coupled with attractive
  • A taste of Indonesia at Pan Pacific Sonargaon

    There is perhaps no better way to represent a country and its culture than its food— a cuisine created by the amalgamation of centuries of civilisation and the influences that shaped the nation.
  • A taste of rural Bengal at Rajshahi’s Varendra Resort

    Every few days, people like us living in the concrete cities, especially Dhaka, are susceptible to fatigue relating to city living.

    One of my fondest memories consists of three days spent camping with my friends, in the large field behind my school. Messing around with the tents until someone who knew their business set it up for us, making “gadgets” out of driftwood or tree branches, the “freezer”