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  • To the rebel go the spoils

    It is not very common to learn of rebels winning against the might of the state machinery, especially one bent on achieving its goals regardless of the means, yet victory for the Bangladeshis on 16 December, 1971 was one such occasion, immortalised in the nation’s psyche today.

    Smooth as silk is not just a saying, especially when you hold a Rajshahi silk sari against your skin. Yet, if we do not put forward our resources and policy support to the struggling industry in Bangladesh, this famed local fabric might go the same way as the Muslin, long lost in the pages of history.
  • For young couples, buying over renting is wise

    There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home, the popular American educator and politician Kenny Guinn once said.
  • My father’s daughter

    The difference between a good father and a bad one is simple — good fathers are present, and are embodiment of the basics that a good man should be. But are they perfect? Far from it. Even doting daughters are often perfectly aware of their father’s human flaws, yet the realisation takes away nothing from the wealth of love between the parent and child.
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