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  • Mumpreneurs: Taking away the stigma

    All mums are working mothers, only some are salaried…and I want to add about those who are not only not salaried, but create and sustain their own ventures, and generate jobs for others too!
  • Jewel in the ocean: Sri Lanka

    With long pristine beaches, verdant expanses of lofty rolling hills, and rushing waterfalls on every turn on the snaking roads, Sri Lanka should definitely be on the bucket list of next destinations.
  • Through the Traveller’s Eyes: Adventure in Bangladesh

    One chilly winter night nearly 20 years ago, a group of young men carefully herded a bunch of young children over dark dirt roads in a remote-ish village.
  • Adventure Travel in Bangladesh

    The mostly untapped resources for adventure travel here lie in the unspoiled bits of nature in the flatlands, the huge meandering waterways, the verdant hills in the southeast, the various remote villages all over the country, and the numerous varying ecosystems, the char regions.
  • Facebook and commerce: the unforeseen boom

    One of the advantages of the site to the Bangladeshi masses has been its unexpected commercial potential, connecting buyers and sellers on a quick and personal level instantaneously.