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  • A skill STEM students in Bangladesh must develop

    Developing communication skills is one of the most important investments for STEM students in Bangladesh. This article will feature advice from promising STEM students who are using their communication skills to get closer to their dreams in various career paths for STEM graduates.
  • How women can drive organisational change in Bangladesh

    The hidden problem women face when trying to drive organisational change
  • Getting the paperwork ready for stock investment in Bangladesh

    First, you need your NID (a photocopy of your passport also does the job), multiple passport size copies of your photograph and a small amount of cash to open different accounts.

    In the first part of the article, I wrote about how you are losing money every month by keeping it in a current account. You're losing even more money by keeping it idle.
  • You are losing money every month

    Although this article was mainly written for students (as you might assume from the research I will present), it will prove to be more beneficial for young professionals. I assure you this is not click bait. You are actually losing money every month.