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  • Selim Raihan

    The writer is Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Executive Director, South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM). Email:

  • The challenging economics of climate change

    Global climate change has become one of the dominant discourses in the scientific and public policy arena.
  • Why isn't private investment growing faster?

    The long-term trend of GDP growth rate of Bangladesh shows that the country has continued to improve its rate of growth steadily over the past 46 years after independence in 1971.
  • The world cannot afford a full-scale trade war

    The idea of globalisation and free trade has gained prominence in the world over the past three decades. Despite some limitations, globalisation and free trade regime are seen as beneficial for economic development, poverty reduction, and enhanced integration among countries.
  • Our road to rapid industrialisation

    Experience from successful industrialised countries suggests that industrialisation brings significant structural change in the economy which leads to considerable reduction in poverty, large-scale job creation and substantial improvement in the welfare of the people of a country.
  • Bangladesh sustain economic growth

    Can Bangladesh sustain its growth momentum?

    What is the future economic growth prospect of Bangladesh? An analysis of Bangladesh's past economic growth in a comparative perspective can help find an answer to this question.