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  • Shafiqul Islam

    Director of Water Diplomacy, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor of Water Diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, USA.

  • Addressing water scarcity

    For an issue advocate, an activist or an opportunist, answers to these questions may range from an overwhelming yes to an emphatic no. A pragmatist will most likely suggest: it depends!
  • A model, not a test case

    In 1976, a book titled “Bangladesh: The Test Case of Development” drew significant attention and the hopeless implications of the title...
  • Possible to Actionable

    The people of Bangladesh have been playing football for over 100 years. But they have not produced a globally competitive football team.
  • Reframing water challenges

    The logic of averaging “surplus” and “deficit” to optimise and equalise resource allocation is neither new nor actionable. For example, if
  • Major rivers of South Asia

    A new future for the Himalayan rivers

    The question of whether and how to harness rivers for irrigation, hydropower generation, urban development and sustainability of ecosystems continues to be an issue of great concern, conflict, and cooperation for this region.