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  • Revisiting the legacy of Mohammad Barkatullah

    Most 90’s children would fondly remember the character of Baker Bhai from Kothao Keu Nei (1992). The man who played an integral role in bringing this legendary character to our TV screens, Mohammad Barkatullah, is no more among us.
  • Popy tests positive for coronavirus

    Celebrated actor Popy has been staying at her hometown Khulna since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. She also helped people in need, by
  • A Walk Down The Memory Lane

    Shanta Islam, popularly known for portraying a journalist in the hit series, Rupnagar, on BTV, was once one of the most celebrated television stars in the country.
  • Returning to the sets: How safe is it?

    After reeling under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the television and film fraternities have resumed shooting, on a limited scale.
  • Friendships to remember

    Andrew Kaku’s wedding reception was in Dhaka and I attended the ceremony with my parents. I was very young, but I remember that day vividly.