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  • Exciting films in the works

    The film industry is always busy with shooting, to varying degrees. Sometimes, the lack of good films discourages the audience from stepping into theatres.
  • Afzal-Aupee duo to perform on a stage show for the first time

    Afzal Hossain and Aupee Karim have worked together in numerous tele-fictions. For the first time, they have paired up for a stage show, which is to be held in Canada.
  • A chat with the leads of ‘Mayaboti’

    Tisha: The expectations are rather high, because if the story is intriguing, it is meant to attract the audience to the cinemas. Besides, the stellar cast gave their very best in this film, making it a true work of art.
  • Jaya Ahsan and Prosenjit Chatterjee team up for ‘Robibaar’

    Acclaimed actor Jaya Ahsan has started shooting for her Kolkata-based film, Robibaar, directed by Atanu Ghosh. Indian actor Prosenjit Chatterjee stars opposite Jaya in the film.
  • Films releasing this month

    This September, however, bears good news for cinemagoers. Three films, Mayaboti, Obotar and Shaap Ludo, will be released this month. Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Yash Rohan starrer Mayaboti will hit theatres on September 13. “Mayaboti is a love story with a distinct tone.