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  • Actor Zahid Hasan

    Reminiscing Zahid Hasan’s journey

    Hailing from Shirajganj, a significant portion of Zahid Hasan’s childhood memories reminisce how he grew up watching tele-fictions. “Collecting tickets for upcoming theater plays was also one of my prime tasks in those days.
  • The bustle at Banglabazar

    Books, lots of them. On the shelves, on the floor -- every inch of a publisher’s office is taken up by new books, while some more spill over to the warehouse.
  • “I am eternally grateful to my fans” - Shakib Khan

    Superstar Shakib Khan is always on the go, and currently, the actor has a wide range of films in the offing.
  • Noble returns to acting

    Adil Hossain Noble has been a popular name in the modelling business for many years. He is also a seasoned actor, who has appeared
  • Safa Kabir on her upcoming television ventures

    Actor, model and TV anchor Safa Kabir has won the hearts of millions with her charming personality. She has been busy shooting for her upcoming ventures since the beginning of 2020. In a candid chat with The Daily Star, she speaks about her forthcoming releases for this Valentine’s Day, her plans for the year, and more.