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  • Overcoming rising inequality exposed by COVID-19

    COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the lives of millions with devastating economic and social impacts. Although no country or people have been spared from its rampage, it is being experienced differently in terms of gender, class and socioeconomic situations.
  • Demise of an iconic scholar and activist

    On March 22, Professor Emiritus Sultana Sarwatara Zaman and Sultana Apa to those who knew intimately passed away, leaving behind a host of friends, relatives and admirers to mourn her death.
  • What about workers in the informal sector?

    The present pandemic COVID-19 has created havoc in the world throwing millions out of jobs and means of livelihoods.
  • A law to end the culture of secrecy

    The Right to Information Act 2009 was passed in the first session of parliament on March 29, 2009. It was a ground-breaking decision on the part of the government and paved the way for all
  • The real heroes behind rural development

    She is the first to wake up, and after finishing all her daily chores, with little time for rest or recreation, she is the last to go to bed and yet her husband will say: “my wife does not work.” Who is she? She is the Rural Woman of Bangladesh. In spite of all the gains women have made, rural women lag behind in every indicator of human development.