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  • Shahriar Rahman

    A big guy who sits in the tightest cubicle in The Daily Star, Shahriar has a strong knowledge of all things related to digital security, mobile gadgets, apps and related tech. He is an electrical engineering graduate ( and also State Department Fellow) working as a Sub-Editor & Feature Writer for Bytes (our tech supplement) and occasionally does test drives for Shift (automotive supplement). In between, he regularly takes on interviews for Next Step (the career supplement). If any of your everyday gadgets are acting fishy, then Shahriar is probably your go-to-guy!

  • Instructory: A marketplace for teaching online

    Naser’s dream was a rather unorthodox one: he wanted to be a math teacher for the underprivileged. So, once done with his studies, he joined an institution as a teacher in one of the most remote parts of Thakurgaon.
  • First smart prepaid metre plant ready to go live in Bangladesh

    Setting a new milestone, the first-ever state-owned smart prepaid metering factory is all set to start its production. Dubbed as ‘Bangladesh Smart Electrical Company Limited’, this manufacturing plant is a joint venture between state-owned Power Distribution
  • Walton marches forward

    Local electronic and automobile conglomerate Walton has been stepping up its game in the last few years with expanding its business in new territories. What started as a small trading company back in 1977, has now grown into a nation’s premier hub for producing electronic home appliances.
  • Will it fold?

    Let’s face it: the smartphone design industry is going through an all-time low now. With no radical design change in the horizon, most of the smartphone manufacturers are playing peek-a-boo with the front camera.
  • Google Maps of Bangladesh

    Google Maps adds new features for Bangladesh

    Google, with its global to local approach, has introduced three new features for Bangladeshi users. Some of the features had been made available for the local users recently but the formal announcement came today. In a press conference today, Google's regional officials showcased the new three features. Google also informed it has added more than 50,000KM of roads, more than 8 million buildings, and more than 600,000 points of interests on Google Maps across Bangladesh since January 2018. ​