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  • Sharbari Ahmed

  • Blue seismic ripples

    Depending on who you talk to, the US midterm elections resulted in either a blue wave of Democratic triumph or were a testament to the entrenched white nationalism, bigotry and jingoism of the American people. I would posit that both perceptions are correct.
  • The Illusionist

    Donald Trump has many formidable attributes. He has united a beleaguered white population in a common goal to protect their fundamental right to be white.
  • Hear Them

    There is a curfew in Baltimore, Maryland, USA which is in a state of emergency. So everyone was out in the streets at 6:33 pm GMT,

    For the past four days I have been confined to my bed, with the occasional foray into the kitchen in search of food and water and subsequently the toilet.
  • In the Cross Hairs AMERICAN IDIOCY

    After railing against it and passionately commiserating with those who decried it, I finally watched Clint Eastwood's “American Sniper” in its entirety.